Muskmelon Cooler

Scorching heat, humidity at extreme and never ending thirst! Summers has hit Mumbai. Yes, and its time to sip in cool cool healthy drinks to keep our body hydrated.
After water melon and mangoes musk melon is always available in my home in summers and makes a good cooler when thirsty. Not only its easy and quick to prepare but requires almost nothing else yet healthy option one must indulge into.

Why musk melon? Because they are high in water content and possess unbeatable health benefits. It controls blood pressure, helps in weight loss, helps in controlling diabetes, strengthen eyes, boost immunity, low on cholesterol, treats ulcers, relieves constipation and many more.

People usually discard the seeds but I do not remove them. They are highly nutritious and like the fruit, the seeds are also infused with Vitamin A, C,and E. The seeds are also rich in magnesium and phosphorous, and high on fiber, which is amazing for diabetics and those looking to lose weight. Muskmelon seeds also act as a good de-worming agent in the intestinal tract, and flushes all the pests and worms. Above all its kids friendly. 

Musk Melon Cooler

makes 3 -4 serve
Time : 7-10 minutes


2 musk melons (fresh and sweet)
2 glass chilled water
few ice cubes
Sugar as needed (optional if melons are not sweet enough)
Black salt- 1/4 tsp (to taste)
Lemon juice- 2 tbsp
Black pepper powder- 1 tbsp (optional)


1. Take fresh and fleshy melons. Peel and discard the skin.
2. Chop the pulp and add the juicy seedy part also in a mixer jar. Add 1 glass chilled water. Sugar if required.
3. Churn the melons and sieve them.
4. Discard thick residue left on siever. Add rest water to juice extracted and mix again. sieve again.
5. Mix black salt, lemon juice and pepper powder.
6. Serve the musk melon cooler with ice cubes.

P.S. for variations you may add a hint of mint to it. If you do not like seeds of melons you may discard it. Also you may skip black salt, pepper, lemon juice and enjoy the natural sweet taste of melons as it is.

Tips : I will share my secret how I take it to my desk and drink chilled... I just churn the melons with just half a glass water. Sieve and discard waste. Mix all seasoning and take the pulp packed in a Tupperware glass half filled. Fill the glass with chilled water on the spot, shake it well and its ready to sip. 


Mercury Info said…
Muskmelon is packed with health benefits, and your cooler has taken this fruit to another level. Hail your creativity.