Quinoa Dosa

Last year there was a sudden craze in market for this new grain called Quinoa and it hit me too!  Being health conscious who always keep finding new and alternates for healthier options in meals or snacks I got curious too and was amazed to see so many people praising and using this wonder grain for Quinoa pulav, upma and what not.

I bought the packet online and believe me I wasnt disappointed with my results when I tried them.Made quite number of dishes out of it namely upma, khichdi the typical ones.

Few days back I just thought of trying to use it as flour for may be idli, dosa, fritters or dhokla (😁 my signature breakfasts). Finally tried dosa combined with mixed of pulses. No instant or quick method adopted, tried the same old method of soaking, grinding, fermenting and its a success. Turned out yummy as I imagined.

Sharing my one of the best experiment.

Makes 12-15 dosa

Ingredients required

Quinoa 1/2 cup
Oats 1 cup
1/3 cup each of tuar dal, chana dal, moong split dal, pink masoor dal and white urad dal
1 tsp yellow methi dana
1 tsp flax seeds
1 tsp jeera
salt as per taste
green chilli 1
1/2" ginger

Method :

1. Soak all ingredients ( except salt, chilli and ginger ) overnight or for 6 hours

2. Grind the soaked ingredients along with salt, ginger and chilly using minimal water until smooth batter.

3. Keep the batter to ferment covered in some dry and hot place for min 4 hours. You will notice that little sour smell will come from the batter and it is fermented too.

4. Add little water to keep batter in flowing texture if required.

5. Heat your non stick or iron pan over medium gas.

6. pour a big spoonful of mixture with a ladle in circular movement and spread it like dosa into as thin as you want.

7. cook covered. Apply oil above. If desired cook from other side too but if dosa is thin generally it is not required.

Your hot hot quinoa dosa is ready to serve with your choice of chutney, podi powder or sambhar.


Mercury Info said…
Healthy stuff. Outstanding results. What more could we expect from a health queen :)
I am going to explore more....