Instant Suji Idli

The word "Instant" instantly catches your eye in this fast pace life when you cant afford to loose time in cooking. Old age slow process of cooking on chulha or solar cooker has eloped after invention of stove, then electric heater, then gas. Now even faster options are been sought after to save time, energy, fuel like opos, onepotmeal recipes. Instant recipes are very popular these days.

The very first meal of the day i.e. breakfast is supposed to be heavy and filling to energise us for the whole day. But the morning time is the most busiest time that you cant actually give much time to cooking, that is why need of fast and instant recipe arose.

The fastest food and yet healthy could be idli. Steamed and no need to stand while it gets cooked. need no supervision until cooked. Usually Idli takes pre soaking of rice and urad dal over night, then grinded and fermented for 8 hrs before final 20-25 mins of cooking but instant Suji idli needs no pre soaking overnight, no grinding, no fermentation and what else cooking time reduced to 12-15 mins.

I make idli for tiffin or breakfast when I am short of time and also I find them healthy so no worries at all. Yes, I do avoid instant ones coz I dont like to use eno, baking soda either.

Sharing the most fluffy instant idli recipe.


1 cup suji ( roasted little preferably)
1/2 cup thick curd
1 cup water
salt 1 tsp
baking soda 1/2 tsp
hing a pinch
oil 1 tbsp
cashewnuts few optional
rai 1 tsp
kari patta few
urad dal 1 tsp
chopped cilantro


1. Mix suji, curd, salt and water to make smooth lumpfree batter. Keep it aside covered for 10-15 mins (suji soaks)

2. Meanwhile put a tadka pan on gas. Heat oil and add rai, when splutters add cashewnuts and fry till little golden. Then add kari patta and hing. switch off the gas.

3. Transfer this tadka to suji mixture. Mix well. Add cilantro as well water 2-3 tbsp if required to correct the consistency of batter.

4. Grease the idli moulds.

5. Just before pouring the mixture in Idli moulds add baking soda to it and mix thoroughly.

6. Steam idli for about 12-15 mins over medium gas. Check in between by inserting knife if its sticky inside or done.

7. Cool down completely before de-moulding the idlis.

Serve or pack your tiffins with coconut chutney or red chilly coconut chutney or podi.