Red Energy Drink - Beetroot Pomegranate Apple Juice

I call it Red Energy drink coz I think this is the most healthiest drink I make at home for my family. Full of nutrients, Vitamins , minerals and energy and so so good for health.
All the Ingredients have powerful medicinal properties. First is "Pomegranate". It has impressive Anti Inflamatory effects. It lowers Blood Pressure, helps fight Arthiritis and joint pains, fight bacterial and fungal infections, what not. Second is "Apple", as the famous saying An apple a day keeps doctor away, Everyone is familiar with this power packed disease fighting fruit. Good for heart, weight loss, liver health, skin...list goes on. Third is "Beetroot". Yes best antioxidant and being rich in nitrates can reduce stroke, heart related diseases and blood pressure. Improves Liver functions, boosts hemoglobin levels, helps detoxification, cures Arthiritis combats anemia, controls diabetes, a great body cleanser.
Combining a super food vegetable that doesnt really taste so good as a juice with two fruits was a wise idea. Thanks, I know I am good in it. The sweetness of apple and Pomegranate doesnt really let you know you are gulping beetroot. Not that it taste bad but in a juice form, many wont like it. 
I added little lemon juice and 1 tsp honey as well and it really enhanced the flavour. 

You can take this drink in breakfast as well. A well balanced diet in itself. Fibrous too as I didnt filter it. Why should we, when we must have it as whole. But if you dont like smoothie kinda you may squeeze juice out of beetroot as much as you can and remove the pulp.  I didnt remove the pulp but made it runny adding more water. 

So lets learn my 11 am energy booster drink.

Makes 2 glasses 

1 medium size beetroot 
1 lemon juice (increase or reduce as per taste) 
1 Apple 
1 pomegranate 
Water to adjust the consistency desired
Honey 1 tsp ( optional)


First excrete pomegranate juice and filter and keep aside. 

In a mixie jar puree deseeded apple, lemon juice and beetroot with the help of little water. 

Take out in a jar. Mix pomegranate juice to it. Add little honey if required and chilled water to it and adjust consistency. 

Serve chilled.

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