Whole wheat chilaa

Good thing about this is that its instant and be it infants or older , it is loved by all. Makes a great breakfast, light and easy to prepare. Can be enjoyed with any chutney, curry. If making for others you may add semolina a little and it would be crispy as dosa.

Usually we start chapaties when baby turns 12 months old soaked into daal but soft chilas can be started when teething has started and babies learn to eat.
We can slowly start with the quantity to be offered. Like at first give only one two bites of these chilas and gradually increase the number of bites and by 1 he/she should be able to enjoy one small chila.
The recipe is very simple and easy to make at home and the baby learns watching us eating so we must eat with them. This way they feel connected and try to copy us. Thus learns to eat.

Whole wheat chilaa

Ingredients :
1/2 cup wheat flour
Water 1 cup or more to adjust consistency
Salt 1 tsp
Hing pinch
Turmeric pinch

Note : you may add veg stock or veg puree or grated veggies later when baby turns 1 yr old.

Method :

In a bowl mix all ingredients listed and make a smooth flowing batter like dosa.

Grease a pan. When hot add a ladle of batter. Cover and cook for a min. When bubbles appears on its suface flip it over and cook the other side also until brown.

Cool and feed baby in little bite pieces.
Note :
1. Remember baby cannot chew so pieces should be small which do not choke when they gulp.

2. Since this is for infants we have not used baking soda or powder or even eno, but the same can be added for older. It hardly makes any difference so I avoid.