Palak Sprouts Peas Medley

Where do Popeye, the sailor man gets instant muscles, power from? Spinach! Everyone knows the leafy greens are good for us. A super food it is, loaded with minerals, vitamins, it is just as healthy as you suspect it to be. It really is a versatile food. While some might not like it but there are number of ways to prepare that it works for them.

Number of combinations makes great food. Few days back I tried my luck by combining Spinach and sprouts, two superfoods together. And it turned out awesome. Sprouts are another marvel food and I have so many varities under my cap, be it Oats sprouts tikki , Sprouts chaat, or even parathes and Chilaas, I have always loved them but little steamed.

This recipe is my own creation and believe me you will love it.  Give it a try. 

Serves : 3 
Preparation time : 15 mins 
Cooking time : 20 mins

Ingredients required 
Spinach 2 bunch
Moong sprouts 1 cup
Tomato 1 big
Onion 1 big
Green peas 1 cup boiled
Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp
Jeera 1 tsp
Hing pinch 
Salt as per taste 
Oil for tadka 
Garam masala 1 tsp
Red chilly powder 1 tsp
Water 1 cup


Wash, clean Spinach leafs throughly under running water to remove dirt. 

Place tomato, onion and spinach in pressure cooker alongwith water, salt and give 3-4 whistles. keep aside to cool. On cooling grind them together but dont make it smooth puree. it should be thick like saag. 

Meanwhile steam the sprouts till half cooked. 

Now in a pan, add 2 tsp oil. add jeera , hing. when brown add ginger garlic paste and let it become brown. Add garam masala and red chilly powder.
Then add green peas and saute little. 
Add sprouts and the spinach mixture. and mix. Let it cook covered for sometime. 
Check the seasoning and adjust as per your taste. Your bowl of health and nutrition is ready to eat. 

Serve hot. Combination goes great with Whole wheat chilaas and Mint raita.