Oats Coconut Dates Laddooo

This has to be an inspired recipe. Yes few days back only I read a recipe somewhere but did not note it down. But I loved the simplicity of it. Less and only healthy ingredients made a wonderful sweet. Somehow I did remember the recipe in the back of my mind so when I tried I added few more things  and replaced some with an alternative and the outcome was still amazing.

Original recipe consisted of fresh dates ( being softened in warm water) but since it wasnt available with me I used dates puree little along with jaggery powder to substitute it. Also grated coconut wasnt there in original recipe.

The recipe is such a quick instant  one that it hardly took me 15 mins to make handful of them. Yes I tried with little quantity so the measures I mentioned below are for less numbers of laddoos.

Ingredients required to make 10 laddoos

1 cup rolled oats (white)
3/4 cup grated or powdered coconut (dried)
3/4 cup almond cashewnuts etc
Jaggery powder 3-4 tbsp
Dates puree 3 tbsp


Roast oats for 2 mins and keep aside to cool down.

Grind oats and take out in a big bowl. Add grated coconut to it.

In a mixie put dry fruits and jaggery and churn little so dat nuts gets broken to smaller pieces but not powdered.
Add these to oats coconut mixture in bowl.

Add dates puree to it. Mix well with spoon or hands. Mixture will appear like bread crumbs.
Taste and adjust sweetness as per your liking.

With hands make or bind laddoos out of this mixture.

Your quickest and soft healthy sweet Laddoos are ready.