Poha laddoo

Recently learnt these delicious sweet poha laddoos from Ms. Neelam Awasthi who shared it on a mutual food group. Dont be surprised, you read it right. Its made up of our poha. People make traditional maharashtrian poha in snack or even use it for cutlets / tikkies but laddoos were unbelievable. Lovely!

Poha the name only reminds us of kanda poha (MP state) / matar poha (UP state)/ poha sev (maharashtra) and now a days new version is creating rage in metro cities - corn poha. Besides this, poha was making a good binding and cover purpose in tikkies to give it a firm and crispy texture. Until few days back when I learnt these yummy healthy laddoos , I was in fix what to do with huge stock of poha in my home. Thankfully got the recipe just in time.

The best part of the making of these heart melting laddus was that it was not at all cumbersome process, infact was quick and easy to prepare. What more you will ask for? I know you want my thumbs up ! 😹
Its already given , do you really think I would have made it at first place 😉😏 if they werent healthy and quick recipe. Nah !

For this recipe we need jaggery , nuts which adds to its flavour and crunchiness while keeping it nutritious. What I liked the most in this recipe was the fact that not many ingredients are required and whatever is used is readily available in everyhousehold and sone p suhaga dat it is a low calorie sweet. Now not keeping you on wait, we will start with the recipe.

Ingredients required for making 10 no.s of laddu

Poha _2 bowl
Jaggery powder or gur grated 5 tbsp
Cardamom powder or elaichi powder 2 tsp
Cream or malai 1_2 tbsp ( sprinkle milk in case you dont have it)
Almond crushed / coarsly powdered 5 tbsp
Raisins fistful

Method of making laddus

Dry roast poha on low flame until colour changes to light brown. Switch off the flame.
Let it cool.
Grind it coarsely.
Add jaggery and grind one more time to give it a good mix.

Take this mixture out in a big bowl. Add elaichi powder,malai or cream, almond powder, raisins and make crumbslike.
After mixing well bind into laddoos.
Your yummy quick healthy poha laddus are ready !


They really turned out nice. No ghee, no sugar what do you want now 😂