Oats Bread Pizza

Pitzzaaaaa yeaaah ! No no no no not that cheesy one you are thinking about. Coming from me ?! Hah, Being health freak I am focussed on healthy cooking and eating habits so here pizza has been named for its familiar looks only. Awww... dont be disappointed. This is going to be more delicious than your circle of cheese, triangle of calories.

Yes, I have changed your typical italian dish into desi one. Lol. Here the base is not regular maida dough base but multigrain bread, toppings are vegetables of your choice but no cheese please and no baking, its made in heavy bottom flat pan. Hmm, now everything sounds healthy and right.

I had made this dish with semolina also earlier but this time I used Oatmeal instead of suji. And both the ways it tasted yum. By changing the ingredients and method of cooking you can certainly make any unhealthy dish into healthy one.  Though I dont bring or bake breads at home, rarely do I bring these multigrain bread, say once in every 15 days. So it has to be a grand breakfast, something special and different from routine. Somehow,I dont like bread as soft base in this dish so I dry roast them in non stick pan till they become little crunchy like typical pizza base while making. And if you dont want to do it in pan You can use pop up toaster first. Serves the same purpose. Just dont brown it more. Now thats my favourite _ plain toasted bread with butter. Simply divine. But I gave up on butter long back. Now a days bread are also doubtful whether its baked in proper hygenic conditions and how it is prepared. I would suggest bake your own. Its always advisable to make fresh and at home.

Its raining hard here in Mumbai and continuous pouring makes me yearn for hot hot snacks and adrak wali chai. What say, should we make our oats bread pizza. ?!

Come on lets assemble the ingredients , we require

7_8 bread pieces ( I used multigrain)
3/4 cup oatmeal( pre roasted and powdered)
Red chilly powder 1/2 tsp
Salt as per taste
Water enough to make a dosa like ghol ( thick but pouring consistency)
Vegetables of your choice _ I used corns , chopped capsicum, onion, grated carrot, etc.
Oil to apply

How to make it

Cut the bread pieces in desired shape. May / May not remove the sides.

In a big bowl mix all ingredients ( except bread and oil) and make a mixture of thick consistency.

Apply the mixture on one side of the bread slices. Dont apply too much else it wont cook properly.

In a non stick pan apply some oil, when little warm arrange these slices upside down.

When cooked little, flip the side and cook till its little brown.

If both sides are little brown, cooked and crispy, what are you waiting for. Serve hot with your fav chutney or sauce. Enjoy !! Me enjoying with mumbai rains .... wow !!