Mumbai monsoons arrived last week and so the rainy food cravings ! Hot samosas, vada pavs, pakodas... I have become typical mumbaikar .lol. I remember in childhood I would get drenched fully in our garden at home on swings alongwith my sister and brother. We three would enjoy rains thoroughly. And to top it our mom would also join us ... hahaha. Our beautiful garden would look extremely breadthtaking with flowers like marigold, roses and lilies. Swing at one end and pond on the other end with lotus and frogs ki tarr tarr in night. Hill on one side with natural waterfall and cactus all over it.Rabbit cage aside and how we would become worried during rains for them coz of snakes. Watching quietly parrots from our windows early morning eating chillies, bhuttas and guava. Lovely memories. Getting nostalgic. My kids being a metro citizen are not enjoying the nature and life like we did. I wished they could.

The rains by then were beautiful. We would feast on hot hot bhuttas or besan pakodas with home made tomato sauce. Now a days pakodas sounds so heavy and unhealthy that I rarely make them. Even my son doesnt like to eat deep fried - puris or pakodas. Hmm...but offer him these street food vada and samosa he would grab it without second thought. 😂😂. Afterall there's no guarantee when he would get them to eat next.

When rains gets started my Mom use to make kheer with puye. Hot puye with chilled kheer. Yes, chilled. We always liked chilled kheer more than hot. Somehow it tastes yum and more delicious. Isnt it? But then we were so clever, would eat hot when ready coz its good to eat hot as mumma says, right. And then check with mumma if more is left to feast chilled later on. 😏😉

I could not make dat delicious as mumma use to make but mine is also okay. Self praise is must to keep self motivated 😂

Its raining in mumbai for last 10 days and It was obvious that I would satisfy my craving. After a hectic week, sunday came like break to routine though a mother of infant hardly gets time to rest. So myself being working 24x7 managed to make firni for my family. My recipe is simple yet nutty and delicious. Emmm...  😋 Firni and kheer are more so similar. Difference is only that kheer has liquid consistency while firni is thick.

It was after I saw Anita chahal aunty's kheer post that I charged up and made firni. My family is thanking her instead of me. 😂😂
Lets learn simplest one !


1.25 ltr milk
3/4 cup broken rice or chotte daane wale rice. ( I grind my basmati rice little into small)
3/4 cup sugar powder (you may increase or decrease as per your taste)
Ghee 1 tbsp
Cardamom 3-4
Almonds 10-15 no.s
Cashewnuts 7-8 no.s
Raisins 15 no.s
Pista 4-5 no.s
Vanilla essence or kewda few drops (optional)

Pre preparation

Grind and keep aside rice (if required) - take pre wash and dried clean rice.

Grind sugar alongwith cardamom seeds.
Keep aside.

Grind /break little almonds , cashewnuts and pista and keep aside.


Keep big pan on gas. Add ghee. Add all nuts and saute little and take out.

In same vessel now add milk and let it come to a boil.
Add rice and let it cook on sim. Until milk gets thicken and rice gets cooked. It will take say about 15-20 mins. Add more milk if you find it too thick.

Now add essence, nuts , sugar to it and let it cook. Keep sauting for 5-6 mins.

Add milk if required as per desired consistency.

Firni is ready. Garnish with more nuts and serve hot or chilled as you like.

P.s. Firni is thick as compared to kheer. And it also thickens more when cooled so add milk accordingly.


Tempting is the right word here! I love hot kheer, instead of the cold one. But kheer is kheer and it's welcome in all its forms. Thanks for enlightening me here- I did not know what firni is. You have made it aptly clear :)
Glad that you liked it. Not so difficult recipe. I know you are going to make it. Give me feedback how you find it. 😆
Glad that you liked it. Not so difficult recipe. I know you are going to make it. Give me feedback how you find it. 😆