Corn oats pudding

Asusual went to my favourite work station ie. Kitchen with someone's recipe but made something else. I just cant follow any recipe from start to end or what 😉 very bad very bad. 😠. But you can see I always come out with something new. Isnt it great. 😉. Very good very good. 😝

Yes as the same suggests I took the seasonal ingredient corns for my dessert. I always like to eat seasonal fruits or vegetables but now everything is available everywhere off season too. Enjoying rains with hot bhuttas sprinkling over it little black salt, red chilly and rub lemon juice... mmmmmm 😋😋 gone are the days when we cud only think of enjoying this cereal as hot steaming bhuttas. Anyone who has eaten fresh corn on the cob knows how satisfying it can be to chew. Corns has become popular over the years and now gets added in number of dishes. Be it gravy corn palak, pizza, salads, dessert, fritters, rice, tortillas, dhoklas, what not. I love corns and keep adding it to almost every other dish. I am madly in love with it.

Corns are one of the most popular cereal grain, also known as maize. Whole grain corns are very healthy and nutritious, rich in fibre, minerals, vitamins and are antioxidants. Known to promote eye health.

Few days back Anita Chahal aunty shared corn kheer recipe and instantly I knew this would be on my to do list. What I like the most was the simplicity of her recipe.Today got the chance to try my hands on it. Went inside the kitchen to make Corns kheer but came out to serve corns pudding. 😂😋😉 lol. I am so predictable ha ha ha. Even my family knew I will be inventing something new today.

For this I took fresh corns though if not available you may use frozen ones. Let the frozen kennels come to room temperature before you put them to use. But more than frozen, fresh ones are preferable and good for health. Why not use fresh corn cob, it would be more tastier.

Coming to my corn pudding , I had taken less quantity as we are only three at home and I usually dont make dessert in large quantity to avoid getting indulge in sweet things. So rarely I do make anything sweet at home. You may increase the ratio and quantity of ingredients as per your liking. Also I used oatmeal to give my pudding the required thick yet creamy consistency when frozen. It works like cornstarch. Yet taken just a tsp so dat the original corn flavour is not overpowered.

Here we go,

Corn Pudding

Ingredients required
Fresh yellow juicy Corns kennel 1 cup
Milk 1 litre
Sugar 1/2 cup adjust as per your taste
Cardamom powder of 3 no.s
Oatmeal 1 tsp (preroasted little and grinded)


Crush coarsly corn kennels (may add little water or milk if required)

In a flat bottom thick base non stick pan or heavy bottom kadhayi add milk and let the boil come.

When its boiling, sim the gas and cook stirring continuously till milk gets reduced a little. This will take about 15-20 mins

Now add corn kennels and cook for 10 mins stirring inbetween.

Add sugar and cardamom powder. (I generally grind cardamom with sugar only) Add oatmeal. Cook for sometime.

Mix well. If you find it thick enough and corns cooked proper (taste it yar!) Switch off the gas and let it cool.

Now pour these in matkas or any serving bowls you may like. Keep it in freezer for half an hour to set.

Serve chilled.
Yummmmmmm ...... here's my first bite !!

Thanks to Anita Chahal aunty for a yummy recipe she shared and giving me an idea.


I haven't seen the recipe yet, but it does look seriously tempting.