Oats Sprouts Tikki

It was just another energetic holiday when I was happily inside my kitchen, the work station where alongwith usual meals my unusual, sometimes not so rocking ( whooff) and sometimes breathtaking (yeah!!) experiments takes place. I feel so lucky that I have always enjoyed that freedom post marriage to own my kitchen my way and hence I can think of keep trying new dishes. After a hectic office schedule (yes, I am a working woman) I manage to prepare the meals and now full on experiments too. I just follow my instinct and expect family to like it. Dats it.

Oats has found its permanent place in my kitchen. No day goes without it. Its that superfood which suits all my needs. Quick and instant, Oats have a well balanced nutritional composition. The diet containing oatmeal gets promoted as way to lose weight and reduce cholesterol. I also happen to get introduced to this wonder grain while I wanted to lose weight. And since then it never left me.

Like oats even sprouts are considered very healthy, nutritious... its time to add sprouts to your diet. Somehow sprouts doesnt suit me and I get gastic problem if I try to eat it raw. Sprouts are prefered to be eaten raw as cooking them kills the nutritive value so I usually steam them so that it remains healthy and we can be benefitted. Sprouts can be eaten as salad, chaat or can be added to soups. I tried once sprouts paratha also which didnt surprised me but neither disappointed me. 😉
Sprouts if steamed gets soft and goes well in any dry sabji. Misal or usal are my favourite sprouts curry. Yummm... maharashtrians make some really spicy yummy curries. Isnt it !?
Now coming to my own creation, I always wanted to enjoy healthy guiltfree tikkies or cutlets and oats tikki with a filling came to my mind. It was not going to be the first time I was making tikki of oats - remember my oats moondal tikki ( yummiest ever) .

Since I was experimenting my measures are less. This makes only 7 tikkies unfortunately and you may love to increase the measures accordingly. Here's my Oats sprouts tikkies recipe.

To knead dough
1/2 cup oats powder (unroasted)
1/2 cup rava/suji (unroasted)
2 tbsp curd
Salt 1/4 tsp
1 tsp dry kasuri methi powder ( optional)
1 tsp ajwaen
1 tsp oil
Little water if required to knead


Mix all above mentioned ingredients and knead a sticky dough. Make 6_7 balls and keep aside for 15 mins.

Ingredients for filling

1/2 cup moong dal sprouts
1 tsp oil
Jeera 1/4 tsp, salt to taste
1 tsp each of fresh crushed roasted jeera powder, chat masala, sauth powder, black pepper, saunf powder, red chilly powder.

In a pan put oil, when hot add jeera and hing. Add sprouts and saute for 2 mins till it becomes little crunchy. Switch off the gas and mix all masala when its still warm.
Bharavan is ready.

How to make tikkies

Take dough balls kept aside. Grease your palm and press ball flat enough and put this sprouts mixture in it. Seal it again and press softly. Take care not to overpress or filling can come out since dough is very soft.
In tava or any non stick put tikkies after applying little oil. Cook from both sides flipping till brown.

Tikkies are ready to eat.