Steamed Daal Payasam

Our old traditional dessert "kheer" is mostly associated with rice kheer cooked in milk and dry fruits in North India. Similarly, in South kheer is known by name "payasam" and is prepared with chana dal or moong dal or even tuar dal cooked in coconut milk and jaggery with lots of dry fruits. All taste yum.😊

 I have been fortunate to be surrounded by people belonging to different regions of india thus I get the oopurtunity to taste and learn different dishes. This also gives me idea what combinations will work better and what not. 😉😉

One day I had soaked 1 cup of tuar dal to make puran poli (maharashtrian sweet dish) but had unexpected guests arriving at home and the quantity was too less so I changed my mind and thought of making kheer out of it. I didnt have coconut milk but with skim milk I went ahead. Neither did I added jaggery nor much ghee.But I steamed it so dat it absorbs less ghee and thus remains healthy. I followed my instinct and the outcome was asusual delicious. Though I wanted it to be a healthy treat but since I used regular white sugar I cant really call it a healthy dessert. Had I used jaggery this would have perfectly been gone into that category. 😁😜 still its very healthy invention.

Here's my version of payasam 😝

1 cup tuar dal pre soaked for 4 hours

3/4 cup sugar (+/- as per taste) or ( I suggest use jaggery 1/2 cup. )

Ghee 1 tbsp

Milk 4 cups

Dry fruits almonds, cashewnuts and kishmish. (I skipped cashewnuts) - chopped in length 3/4 cup

Water 1/3 cup or just enough to make paste of dal.


Grind the soaked dal using water adding little by little until it becomes a smooth paste.

Steam it like a idli. (I microwaved it on high for 4 mins) and then mash it with hands when cool and again churn it in mixie with little of milk to make it a paste like mixture.

In a flat heavy bottom non stick pan add ghee and roast dry fruits till golden brown and keep aside.

In same ghee add the dal mixture and saute little for about 7-8 mins. Then add half of left milk slowly, cook and keep stirring for another 10-15 mins on low flame.

Add rest of the milk and sugar. Mix well and cook till desired consistency.

Garnish with fried dry fruits and serve hot.

Notes :
1. Taste equally yum chilled but on cooling it becomes more thick so you may need to add more chilled milk to dilute or keep the consistency already in liquid form keeping that in mind.
 2. Adding coconut grated while cooking will enhance the taste so if you wish to try you may.

Payasam by a north indian - worth trying ! I mean it.


😉😂 make this one. Yummy. Use jaggery and if possible coconut milk.