Papdi chat.

Cooking is such a fun. I never thought I would be taking up cooking as a hobby.
My everyday continuous successful experiments in kitchen has encouraged me to start my blog.My passion of cooking is upto a new level now.

Papdi chats, my mom's favourite is the best to start with. It is a common street food and we all die to get it. What more we can ask for after a tiring day. In today's fast paced life we hardly get time to make and relish lengthy time consuming dishes. We often look upon fast and quick recipes. Reaching home late in evening after a tiring travelling and hungry like anything we want to eat just anything we can grab.

Street food in mumbai is very famous and ready to eat availability has made it more alluring. But hygeine and healthy food is the need of the hour. We cannot play with our health. We must try and satisfy our taste buds with home cooked healthy food.

 Here is the very first thing I had tried years back and sharing the easiest chat I made and yes in a very healthy way.

Papdi chaat

You require

Papdi   (home made pref. Of suji n wheat flour _please be focussed on healthy ingredients 😂)

Boiled potatoes
Mint or any green chutney
Finely Chopped onions
Moong boiled
Red chilly powder or green chillies chopped
Tamarind chutney
fresh green corainder chopped
Curd (whisked) is optional.
Black salt,pepper, bhuna jeera powder n chaat masala.

On each papdi arrange everything neatly.Eat And enjoy !!

How waz dat ! Quick smart recipe. Isnt it. Enjoy!