Moong sprouts chat

Mung bean sprouts are low in calories, have fibre and Vitamin B, and deliver a boost of vitamins C and K. Mung bean sprouts can carry bacteria, so raw sprouts should be avoided by children, pregnant women, the elderly and anyone with a weakened immune system. You will loose some of the nutrients, but you will kill any potential bacteria, by cooking the sprouts. This is the reason why I steam or cook the sprouts in all my dishes since Sprouts are being liked in my family a lot.
Sprouts salad, sandwiches and chilas are common breakfast in my home. You must try my oats sprouts tikkies, the delicious and healthiest invention so far. 😆😊

When you are in hurry and want a quick but healthy salad or chaat sprouts makes a very good combination in your meal. Best to serve if guests are at home. 
Sprouting beans is also an art. One should be careful to sprout in a clean cloth and keep changing the water to avoid bacteria or fungus. Stale water gives it a foul smell and taste too. Also sprouting in dark leaves a bitterness in sprouts.
Take clean mung beans. Remove stones if any. Wash them thoroughly to remove dirt. Soak them in filtered, boiled and cooled water for min 8 hours. Sometimes you might see them begin sprouting while still soaking. 

Sprouting at home is hygienic and has the benefits of freshness. Ready sprouts in market are generally chemicallyvtreated and carries risk of contamination too, while homegrowns are chemical free, zero risk of contamination if sprouted carefully.

 Lets learn how to sprouts first. 

Wash them in clean water and drain water. 
Now we can keep them in a container and cover , let them sprout on their own. Rinse them inbetween till sprouts comes.
Or else you may put them in a clean muslin cloth. Bring together and roll tightly the edges and make a knot. Place in a container. Air must be able to circulate. Keep it in airy dark and warm place. Keep cloth moist. I just keep sprinkling water on cloth every 1 hr. Sprouts comes in 3 to 5 hrs depending on weather conditions. These sprouts stay fresh for 2 days in refrigerator but better to consume fresh.

Now the quick chaat recipe

Saute 3 cups sprouts in a pan in 2 tsp oil for 6-7 mins. Let it get steamed little covered sprinkling little water in between.
Add seasoning of your choice - freshly grounded roasted jeera, black salt, black pepper, chaat masala, saunf powder a pinch, saunth powder a pinch, red chilly powder, chopped green chillies, onions optional, salt, etc.
Mix well. Saute for another 1 min and switch off.
Add chopped cucumber, tomatoes, fresh coriander leaves as per choice, sprinkle little lemon juice.
Enjoy fresh sprouts chaat. 


What a healthy blend of veggies and sprouts!! Another bowl full of health :)