Mint buttermilk

Mint buttermilk is nothing but mint flavoured chaas.A great refreshing summer cooler of Punjab _ pudina chaas.
Mint is a great appetizer and it promotes digestion.It is more than just a garnish. 
 Plain or flavoured buttermilk makes a great summer drink which not only helps in digestion but is a great escape from dehydration. 
In my home chaas is a must in afternoon after lunch. Here is my one of my favourite flavour in chaas. Blend of pudina in buttermilk gives a unique taste and refreshes. 
Vry simple recipe.
In a mixie churn all or in a jug whisk all

4_5 tbsp curd
3 glass chilled water
1 tsp jeera bhuna powder
3 tbsp mint chutney or crush mint leaves 1/4 cup.
Green chilly half.
Ginger 1/2 inch
Black salt

If you want you can filter, I dont. Serve chilled.


Neetu Shetty said…
Its just awesome.i love buttermilk..n this one the flavour is awesome