Microwave Khandavi

Life has become so hectic these days that we dont have time to pay attention to ourselves. Thank god microwaves were invented to save our time and energy 😂😂
Cooking food has become more easier with todays electronics items. One of my instant snacking after a tiring day is microwave khandavi.

Khandavi is again a famous gujarati snacks item. Normally dessicatd coconut is used as filling.


1 cup besan
1 cup curd
2 cups water
Haldi pinch
sugar pinch
chilli  and ginger paste


Mix everything and microwave it high for four mins
Stir n mix and again micro it high for 4 mins.
Spread the batter on greased plain thali's back.
sprinkle grated coconut and chopped corriander leaves.
Roll them and add temper.


In oil add mustard seeds.when crackle add curry leaves hing and red chilli powder.


Neetu Shetty said…
Superb.sounds interesting.. n easy one.looks tempting