Hung curd vegetable sandwich

A healthy n balanced meal in the morning is vital for your entire day. Cheesy and buttery sandwiches makes one obese so changing your eating habits little do you more good without giving up the taste. In my home sandwiches once in a week is always there in breakfast but no butter, cheese or even jams. The hung curd can replace the cream (malai) or cheese in any sandwiches very easily making them more healthy.What more can you ask for?
Right choice of ingredients not only adds nutrition to a dish but also gives you right amount of energy at the start of the day.

Here's my all time fav sandwiches with hung curd. Make yourself and feel the change you would love to bring in your life!

Multigrain or wheat Bread pieces 10
Hung curd 1/2 cup
Finely chopped veg of your choice _ I used cucumber, onion, capsicum, cabbage n grated carrots alongwith mashed paneer.
Seasoning _ black salt, salt, black pepper, red chilly powder, roasted crushed jeera, chaat masala.
Chopped green chillies n coriander leaves if u like.

Method : mix all ingredients mentioned above and make the filling.
Apply on bread and toast till brown on tava or toaster or grill.