Dahi Bhalla

We punjabi's are die hard fan of dahi bhallas. Whether its holi, diwali or any occassion ...dahi bhallas are one of the items we always make at home.
In north dahi bade are also popularly eaten as snacks item. Richness of dry fruits as stuffing, this urad dal preparation is hardly amiss. We punjabi's love it.

We usually make it in abundance and store it in fridge for a week. Every punjabi are fond of it. We enjoy the different combinations and enjoy eating, be it dahi bhalla chat or anything. 
I learnt it from my late mom.Since childhood we are eating this delicious dumpling. Dipped in whisked curd seasoned with spices, with spoonful of tangy red imli ki khatti meethi teekhi chutney and little of green minty coriander chutney, this dumplings just steal our hearts.

As I have been making these bde since childhood I am quiet an expert now 😂
Being one of my favourite snacking these are often been prepared at my home.

In South India the urad dal is soaked , grinded and prepared similarly for vada sambhars. Also this lentil is mixed with soaked and grounded rice to make our fast food items like dosa, uttapam, idli, appam, etc. In North our bhalle are of lentil preparation.
Sharing our unique recipe today. I wish my mom could see this post. 

Recipe : 
Soak 2 cups urad dal overnight.
Grind it into fine paste with few drops or no water. 
Keep it aside for few hours.

Add salt, ginger chilly paste 1 tsp. Mix well.
Wet your hands , pour mix and tap flat. 
Put one each of finely chopped or julien of green chilly, ginger, almond, kishmish, kaju.
Fold the mix so dat it gets sealed in middle.
Immediately deep fry them in hot oil ( you can also use appam pans to avoid deep frying) 

Transfer these to a bowl of cold water when they gets brown n cooked. 

Let it be soaked in water for 5_10 mins. Then gently squeezed water by pressing it between palms.

In a serving bowl pour some whisked curd (with black pepper n black salt mixed already before). Put the bhalla. Pour sum curd over it also.sprinkle chaat masala n red chilly powder. Put some green n tamarind chutney over it. Sprinkle sev and fresh coriander leaves. Can add few juliens of beetroot or carrots but its optional.