Club Sandwich

Sandwiches are a big hit among kids, a great tiffin item. We have number of varities to make sandwiches. Who dont love sandwich, be it our old style toasted stuffed boiled potatoes sandwiches or the cheesy grilled ones. Some like it plain with chutney and some like stuffed with vegetables cooked n tossed in sauce. Sandwiches with mayonese dressings , or paneer preparation, or with hung curd these days are more popular. Many ready to spread and eat dressings are available in market these days but loaded with preservatives etc these are not really healthy.

Sandwiches are made with bread. Brown breads (made up of wheat flour) are more preferred over white bread (made up of refined flour, maida) and these days even multigrain bread is gaining popularity due to its nutritive value. I personally prefer using multigrain bread which is little costlier than common white or even brown bread.

Sandwiches can be a healthy and complete meal if made with right choice of ingredients. Here I am sharing my style of making a club sandwiches. we can always add or alter the ingredients as per our choice. Hope this will be a hit in your home too. Try it.


To make 3 club sandwiches

For sandwiches
9 multigrain bread slices
Green mint chutney_3 tbsp
Tomato sauce_ 3 tbsp

For 6 cutlet
1 cup boiled potatoes
2 tbsp beetroot pulp or grated beetroot
2 tbsp grated cabbage, capsicum, corns crushed
3_4 tbsp chopped onion
1_2 tbsp chopped tomato
1/2 cup bread crumbs
1 tsp ginger garlic paste or add grated ginger n crushed garlic
Salt , red chilly powder , garam masala.
1 tbsp oats powder.

For chila
Besan 3 tbsp, salt, red chilly pwdr


1. Chila
Mix chila ingredients with enough water for batter. Make chilas on pan with little oil n keep aside.
2. Bread slices
Roast n then apply green chutney on 3 slices, sauce on 3 slices and keep aside.
3. Tikkies
Mix all ingredients n make  6 balls out of it. Wet these cutlets with palm n roll over breadcrumbs. Cover well. And roast with little oil in non stick pan till brown. Keep aside.

4. Saute extra cabbage capsicum in pan till lightly sauted. Keep aside

Assembling the sandwiches

Take bread slice with tomato sauce applied inside n put chila. Put plain roasted bread slice over it. Put sum sauted cabbage n capsicum. Place tikki over it. Put onion roundels over it. Place tge bread slice with green chutney inside. Press slightly. And cut diagonally.

Club sandwiches are ready. Enjoy !!

Note : you can add one more layer of cucumber n tomato slices if you want. I have avoided cheese to keep this healthy.