Chocolicious Horlick delight

Summer is the time when everyone yearns for cool and yummilicious shakes and smoothies. Ice creams, coolers, juices, and what not... weight watchers also take a break 😂.
Kids only demand milk shakes. I was also going to make regular horlick milk shake but then thought to bring a twist. I checked my fridge and could not find much in store which can serve my purpose and then there was my favourite oats !!
What a blend it was !! Brawo. I am so happy going ahead with my idea and here I was having happy people around me. Am bleaming with happiness and pride.
Recipe for Chocolicious Horlicks delight

Churn in mixie together
3 glass cold milk
3_4 tbsp Horlicks
Sugar few tsp if required
Roasted n powdered oats 2 tsp
Over boiled rice 1 bowl
Few ice cubes.

Chill it.

Now take serving glasses
Put few tsp sabja (pre soaked) _ optional
Pour in horlicks milk shake
Add a scoop of chocolate ice creams over it to float.
Sprinkle over it grated chocolate.
 Serve immediately.Can also serve with chocolate biscuits crushed over it. Yummilicious shake is ready ! Slurrrp... ✌


What a healthy blend of ingredients. Brilliant!!
Yes. Delicious it turned out. Frankly wanted to try it with your almond banana ice cream but never mind sumthing gr8 would come out one day!
Neetu Shetty said…
When Ritz is in Kitchen something delicious something different will come out for sure.and that will be a hit is a gaurantee.was taking the taste.. and was enjoying the drink.. a fishy smile on the face of the chef opened the ingrdnts potli..amd me bowled... Awesome innovation.perfect shake 100/100
Neetu Shetty said…
I missed the icecrem
Had it been disaster i really wonder wht i wud hv done
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