Beetroot Pomegranate juice

Beetroot has many advantages. Further beet juice is reported to be excellent in healing gout, kidney and gall bladder. It lowers homocysteine, improves production of stomach acid, reduce serum cholesterol and normalize blood pressure.When blended with pomegranate it makes a wonder juice. Sharing one of my gem juice recipe. Healthy n nutritious.

Beetroot Pomegranate juice


Beetroot - 1 cup peeled n chopped
Pomegranate - 1 cup of seeds
Lemon juice - 1 tbsp
Sugar or Honey - 3 tbsp


Take both the beetroot chunks and the pomegranate seeds in a blender.
Blend them together to a smooth puree adding little water.

Strain it using sieve into a large bowl. You can repeat this step once again by blending the strained remains with another half cup of water.

Mix in the lemon juice, sugar and cold water with the juice. Taste it and adjust the sweetness.
Serve immediately with or without ice cubes.