Beetroot buttermilk

Beetroot not only make the buttermilk look more prettier but also tastes yum and of course add nutrition to it. Here is my favourite chaas variation I learnt recently and just loved it. This is a great summer drink. 

Beetroot Buttermilk 

Ingredients : 
1 no. beetroot (medium) 
8-10 mint leaves 
5 tsp rock salt
1 green chilly 
1/2 glass buttermilk 
2 glass water 
Mint leaves for garnishing. 

Method :
In a mixer grinder paste together beetroot, chilly, 1/2 glass water, rock salt and mint leaves. 

Now pass through strainer and take out in bowl. 

Add curd beaten and remaining water and whisk together. 
If required adjust salt. Garnish with mint leaves. 

Your summer healthy cooler is ready.